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Apr. 8th, 2007

08:17 pm

so yeah i finally got my drivers licese of friday woo hoo. i can now spend all of my saving on gas, im so excited. no really i am, there is no word to describe how it feels to be nineteen and not yet have your drivers license. i can actually start to have a little bit more of a life.

Mar. 31st, 2007

06:45 pm

i just puked, yay. it makes me mad because i was supposed to go to the play teresa is in today. now however i get to sit at home reeking of my own digestional fluids mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. oh yes and yesterday we found a kitty whom my neighbors want to kill. with a shovel. i hate people.

Mar. 29th, 2007

09:54 pm

hurray hurray for drama! not specifying just saying there is much of it at the moment. first of still yes fine the stupid crap with my licenese, its three friggen years overdue for me to get it, and i swear i am not suffereing from some sort of mental disorder, althought that would have me feel better about this. and the fact that i just slaoughtered a whole bunch of grammer rules, yippy! hmm anyways yeah more thinking about where im goign after scraft and what im going to do right now im set on goign for genetics and u of m, but i doubt that i can get in. if they dont care about high school stuff anymore i may be alright but if they do then im not getting in. in that case i go to state possibly, although if i pick genetics im not sure how their program is so i will have to look around. a good portion is that im sick of dealing with schoolcraft i mean i dont want to insult anyone but i feel my brain melting away there. not only are the classes lacking as far as information goes, but its hard to find anyone to talk to. college is supposed to be about socializing and im not getting much of that everyone seems to just go there go to class and leave, they dont want to talk or i just dont have anything in commom with them. the school works for a lot of people im sure, but not for me. the problem now is trying to figure out what to do about it its too late to apply to transfer anywhere next fall semester, however, i think i may be able to pull off winter 07 and maybe get in a few spring classes. i worry about college too much haha but whatever its better than doind nothing all day which i feel like im doing. its astounding how infereior i feel when i do something having to do with nhs i mean i look back and i see how much i screwed up not just academically but socially and all the oppurtunities i missed all the friends i ignored and jsut how much i miss the place now hmm rant rant rant i need to go visit i feel like no one wants to see me there now though, bah screw them im recruiting a group and we going to go to a bunch of classes muahaha im just upset we cant disrupt spirit wekk because im busy oooh but not till one hmm plots plots plots oh yes leesa moved in with me and my family tis interesting good bye my goodness i need more interesting entries what happened to my life

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Jan. 10th, 2007

10:15 pm - AAAAGH

I am really freaking sick of feeling like I am doing absolutely nothing here while everyone else is having a blast in college. By going to a community college I feel like i have just passed up one of the funnest parts of my life. I mean i know that everyone at the bigger schools is having to working like crazy, but still i mean i want to be part of that. I feel almost like im just wasting away here, and i pretty much am, yeah I'm transfering after my two years but by then I will have missed a lot and I'll probably be behind as far as academics go because the program here is so screwed up. I know I whine about this every chance i get but its pretty much the only thing I have right now, so if youre one of my friends that I have complained about this to before I am really sorry. I'm just sick of goign through the entire day goign to class with out talking to anyone really then coming home maybe doign a little homework if i have any then watching T.v. goign on the computer or just generally doing nothing. If anyone has any suggestions on how i can not feel useless,they would be much appreciated.

Dec. 24th, 2006

12:45 am

hello all who never read my journal anymore grumble grumble i am ecstatically happy at the moment, i put a bid up for a bass trombone on ebay and i won im not sure when it will be coming it but it should be in the next couple weeks, if anyone has any suggestions for a name, that would be much appreciated.

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Oct. 22nd, 2006

12:50 am

well hello everyone ive been lacking things to say, or more ive just been to lazy to say them lately hehe but ive been yelled at a few times to add something interesting to this, so i am right now woo hoo! anyways first i have to post the results from a quiz i am rather proud of

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ha! tis not just my mommy who thinks im special, im different i am the only person in the us with my name weeeee! well anyways today was fun i went to greenfeild village with mandy hannah and dylan, well and of course rissy beast and my mom hehe. it was a litter dreary out but it never actually rained hurray! actually it was a great day to go im just mad because they closed the dagget farm right before dylan and i got there and that happens to be my favorite building, that and the cotswold cottage, but the cottage seemed somewhat bare this year unfortunately. twas most definately a succesful outing anyways particularly with the starbucks mobile at the exit muahaha i had a sip of maple latte and i did not break out in hives!!!! and it was in fact delicious so i will have to try a little more later and hope i can stomach some more with out having ill effects storm down on me. after gfv and dinner and a small portion of king arthur while dylan waited for caitlin to pick him up i went with mandy and hannah to see marie anoinette, interesting movie both awesome and dissapointing at the same time. really while youre watching it you get a little hooked but its empty, they skim over a lot of things but once you finish watching it everything comes alive kind of sofia cuppola, the director, fits a lot into a few hours so obviosly there isnt much thats shown in detail so it hardly gives you an idea about what marie anoitettes life was really like so in that sense its dissapointing however it is fun plus once you are out of the movie what you remember is the same as it would be with any other movie so it seems just as satisfying as anything else, unfortunely that probably means you cant watch it too many times and still enjoy, i think ill have to test the theory hehe. definately a chick flick through and through i would think though although certain guys could find it interesting, its artsy. im still trying to decide if i liked taht they played rock music at the masked ball haha oh well ill figure it out eventually or just forget about it until then i think i will work on my wall/ceiling colage auf weidersein au revoir and good bye hurray for being moderately trilingualish assuming half a semester of collage german and two years of high school french count

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May. 12th, 2006

05:35 pm

hmm not to sound emo, but life sucks, thank you good bye

Feb. 25th, 2006

01:36 pm

hello all, i am a loser and a slacker and a jerk yeah i had my driving test today and failed the whole parking thing so i didnt even get to try to do the rest of the driving, stupid parallel yeah i messed up on the whole back in to a spot and pull forward thing too so it actaully mattered that i can t parallel park in a teeny tiny spot gaaaaah. yeah and as far as the fact that im a slacker thats fairly self explanitory and yeah whome ever concerns knows why im a jerk so yeah thats about it good bye

Jan. 26th, 2006

06:51 pm

hmm i miss livejournal, it used to be fun, but alas only a few people post anymore so its somewhat losing its appeal, so i think i shall begin to refule its popularity by writing, i think a lot of people at least check it still... either way though i nees something to do, my mom and sister went to get burgers and i seriously did not feel like another greasy nasty burger so i stayed back and im procrastinating on hw right now so i need something to do and i just remembered that i have an apes test tomorrow aaaaaah hmm i should go read my chapters, its been a great talk see you all later haha ill write more later, when i think of something

Dec. 10th, 2005

03:38 pm

hmm one more quiz im done now

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